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How to properly test your internet connection speed

Are you facing issues with your present internet connection? Is the connection too sluggish? Chances are that if you hail from Delhi in India, your ISP has actually duped you to buy the broadband connection making tall claims and now you are wishing to verify the internet speed.

In today’s digital world gadgets like computers, smart phones, laptops and other electronics have revolutionized the speed of technology. Today, downloading data from the internet has been made so much easier. People have access to any information within a span of seconds. But slow internet speed can be really frustrating especially if you have applied for a high speed broadband package and have been guaranteed of the features by your ISP. If your ISP doesn’t satisfy your demands then you can surely think of shifting to another ISP, but before you do you might like to verify that the problem rests with the internet speed and is not linked to your computer. For that, you might be interested in applying to a site for broadband speed test in India, Delhi.

Checking the connection of your broadband connection is a simple task that doesn’t prerequisite any kind of additional software. You can easily test your speed with a Web browser. But you must follow some simple steps to ascertain that you get the most precise reading.

Here is what you should do:

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Prepare for the test:

For optimum outcome, use a wired connection so that you are not troubled with interference and fluctuations of performance when you are connected to Wi-Fi. If there are other devices wired into the network of your home, then you should plug the computer on which you are performing the test into the modem directly so that nothing interferes your testing.

If you are using any other device that doesn’t have an internet port, you can reduce the hindrance by assuring that the Wi-Fi router is far away from other electronic devices using Wi-Fi. For accurate results, you can temporarily disconnect all other devices linked to your Wi-Fi network while you are performing the tests.

Ensure that nothing on your computer is hindering the bandwidth by examining your computer’s activity viewer. Also carry out the safety check that nothing is being downloaded in the background of your computer. For this confirmation, check the Task Manager on your Windows. Before running the speed test, quit all the applications so that software updates are not downloaded while you are performing the test. This will maximize the chances of accurate reading. Reset your modem and router.

Run your test:

The best site to check you internet speed in India, Delhi is the Ookla’s To connect to this site you only need a Web browser with the JavaScript switched on, and Adobe Flash. Ignore the message that will appear on the screen asking you to avail a speedier browser because a web browser is unrelated to your broadband connection.

Press the green “Begin test” icon and the site will begin to verify your download and upload speed. Depending on the speed of your broadband connection, this process may take a few seconds or few minutes.

If you want to broaden your options for checking the internet speed in India, Delhi, fortunately, isn’t the only option available. MegaPath has also rendered internet speed test, and a system known as Speed Test Plus which performs to analyze and assess how superior your internet connection is in addition to the internet speed. You might also want to consider confirming with your ISP about any service being offered in regards to speed test tool. 

Taking extra steps:

If you want to keep a track on the quality of your connection’s functioning on a regular basis, you might contemplate installing service such as NetSpeedMonitor. This is a free utility available for Windows XP, Vista 7 and Server 2003 and it resides in the taskbar of your computer. This tool is designed to put forward the information regarding your internet connection’s speed of upload and downloads. For those using OS X, MenuMeters performs the same function.

Online speed tests requisite no technical knowledge and are instantly available at one click of the mouse. Most of these tests are free and you have a wide variety to choose from. You can make a wise decision regarding your ISP in India, Delhi through the assessment of your broadband speed tests.